Here are links to transcripts and notes from our training lectures. Below these are links to articles by project staff.


Basic Human Needs


Psychological and Cultural Societal Origins of Genocide and Mass Killing

English summary

French/Kinyarwanda summary

Kinyarwanda summary


Creating Paths to Healing

English summary

French summary


Psychological Trauma

English summary

French summary


Healing through Writing or Drawing and Empathic Responding

English summary



These lectures were prepared as part of our project. They are intended to be given to and by community helpers and for that reason do not contain references. We invite people who would like scholarly versions of the material contained in this lecture to contact us.


Here are links to articles written by project staff.


Staub and Pearlman (2001) Healing and Reconciliation after Genocide and Other Collective Violence from the book Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Templeton Foundation, Radnor PA (may load slowly)


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